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Family comedy about a man who decides to take his family on a trip his famous uncle took years ago.
&quot;Tourist Trap,&quot; written by Andy Breckman – who once wrote for Saturday Night Live as well as films such as &quot;Rat Race&quot; and &quot;Sgt. Bilko&quot; – doesn&#39;t offer nearly as many laughs as &quot;Vacation&quot; or other great family vacation movies of its genre, but Daniel Stern is funny, and helps generate some laughs. <br/><br/> One other great thing about &quot;Tourist Trap&quot; is that unlike &quot;Vacation,&quot; &quot;Trap&quot; is family-friendly. Some of the guffaws are aimed towards children, but there&#39;s some hidden adult humor, as well. Such as when we have a flashback involving Jefferson&#39;s chair. It&#39;s painful to watch, thinking about what the chair is and witnessing its demise. Of course, it&#39;s a film, but if it were real…can you imagine?<br/><br/> &quot;Tourist Trap&quot; may not be &quot;cool&quot; to some, but if you have a family, it&#39;s a better pick than &quot;Vacation,&quot; which needless to say, is quite raunchy at times.<br/><br/>3/5 stars-<br/><br/>John Ulmer
When a disgruntled banker decides to force his wife and dysfunctional kids to go on a vacation he doesn&#39;t realize what hell awaits him. All his life he has read the journal of a heroic Union officer, who was also his great great grandfather, and is determined to take the family to the scene of his ancestor&#39;s greatest battle. What he finds there is not what he expected and adds a flavorless topping to the entire tasteless trip. Along the way they are joined by a radical survivalist physician and his boys, are threatened by a hilarious Easy Rider duo, and they all start falling apart while trying to cope with each other and the dumb vacation spots dad insists they all see. If all this sounds crazy….it is; the film is so stupid it is funny, but not as zany as Chevy Chase&#39;s &quot;National Lampoon Vacation&quot;.

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