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Colonel James Braddock is an American officer who spent seven years in a North Vietnamese POW camp, then escaped 10 years ago. After the bloodiest war, Braddock accompanies a government investigation team that goes to Ho Chi Minh City to check out reports of Americans still held prisoner. Braddock gets the evidence then travels to Thailand, where he meets Tuck, an old Army buddy turned black market kingpin. Together, they launch a mission deep into the jungle to free the American POWs from General Trau.
Colonel Braddock, who escaped from a POW camp after 10 years, returns to Vietnam. He attempts to track down the location of a POW camp and rescue the prisoners to prove that several MIAs are still alive and being held captive. He is prompted to attempt his mission because of Government denials about the possibilities of existing POWs.
One of the most exciting Chuck Norris films is Missing in Action! It stars Chuck Norris, David Hong, Lenore Kasdorf, and M. Emmet Walsh! Norris is very different in this film. He is very serious and he acts very good. The other actors are good in the film as well. The action is just non-stop. The action is quite rough and action like this isn't seen often in movies especially in this day and age in My opinion. There are many other great scenes of Norris fighting shooting up the bad guys! The music by Jay Chattaway is great. The direction by Joseph Zito is very good. If you like Chuck Norris and the cast member and want to see some great action then I strongly recommend that you watch Missing in Action!
I heard both movie where filmed together, but they mixed up the releases and put 1 as 2 and vis versa; that was what the video store clerk told me. So watch 2 before you see 1. This film is not bad. I love the Karate, and Chuck finely has a high budget for some great stunts. The story is interesting, and the action just rocks. If you want to watch a movie with a pizza, and beer this would be it. Very 80's and I chant USA to this one with my friends, we do that because we remember thats what the crowd chanted at wrestling for the American good guy, when he fought the forces of evil.

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